26 April 2017 Murray Evans

Dynamic Asset Management – How can you achieve it?


How can traditional Asset Management systems transition from being reactive, past proactive, and into pre-emptive asset management principles???


Timely access to asset state is key and assets can no longer be considered as fixed or static. If you can’t measure it immediately, you can’t manage it any better.

Dynamic assets can be described as:

  • Mobile (the asset’s location changes)
  • Transactional (the asset is constantly processing data), or
  • Continuously changing (The asset has dynamic characteristics)

Having started as static/manual data repositories, Asset Management solutions moved from their beginnings to integration with corporate systems, towards mobile enabled capabilities, but are yet to address the next phase of requirements that are emerging due to the increasingly dynamic and data driven nature of systems.

Management and display of any type of asset data through an interactive, dynamic visualisation framework is a growth opportunity for all Asset Managers and automation is the vehicle to deliver it seamlessly. As activity around “Internet of Things” solutions continues to gain momentum, this capability will become a mandatory part of all asset management systems.


So to get there, you could write your own dynamic data handling capability, or you could absorb existing Interactive Group technologies to advance the capability of your solution to include an interactive, dynamic visualisation framework for display and management of any type of asset data. This approach utilises technologies and techniques not currently in use in most asset management solutions and includes:

  • Seamless real-time, interactive asset visualisation
  • Complex event processing:
  • Situational awareness and response – Real-time notification/alerts/task management (‘Asset driven’ displays)

Our [VUPT] technologies are proven in a range of markets for visualising dynamic data from multiple data sources, aggregation, analysis and distribution of information using the latest infrastructure technologies from Microsoft. Interactive Group technologies are grounded in mission critical processing and integrate seamlessly into your core capability. Drop us a line to find out more…..

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