19 December 2018 Murray Evans

TAIT Enable Insight readies for take-off with IG partnership

I am delighted to announce a world-wide Software Licencing, Software Development & Distribution agreement between Interactive Group P/L and TAIT Radio Communications, which will fast track revenue and growth with the launch of Enable Insight, the first ‘TAIT branded’ solution based on Interactive Group’s core technology. Enable Insight is ready for immediate sale to customers and prospects using or considering a TAIT DMR Tier3 Trunked Radio solution.

Enable Insight is an enhanced Service Management offering from TAIT, which will continue to grow and expand as new technologies come on line or are integrated into TAIT’s solution portfolio. This global partnership will see Interactive Group work with TAIT to further develop and support Enable Insight as an integral part of TAIT’s drive to provide a new level of customer service and support to its customers worldwide.

I’d like to commend TAIT for their vision to realise this game changing value proposition, and in particular for opening up access to their networks via a RESTful data API which demonstrates a true commitment to supporting the needs of their customers.   “Murray Evans – Director Interactive Group”


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